Payments API

The Payments API allows third party applications to initiate payments from a bank client's account on his behalf. 


Payment initiation through Third Party Providers can be used by Raiffeisen Bank clients who have access to an open current account available on Internet/ Mobile banking.

Type of payment services

The following type of payment services are available:

  • Payments - for single payments (immediate and future dated)  
  • Periodic-payments - for periodic payments

Type of payment products

The following payment products are available through PISP API:

  • Domestic ->  payments in RON currency and IBAN starts with “RO”
  • SEPA (according to BGS: sepa-credit-transfers) -> payments in EUR currency within EEA area, destination bank is SEPA reachable
  • Foreign (according to BGS: cross-border-credit-transfers) -> any other payment not meeting the conditions above 

Payment type is decided automatically by Raiffeisen Bank depending on the payment details of initiated payment. 

The bank performs the regular checks and validations as for payments initiated by clients directly through Raiffeisen channels, including availability of funds.

  • The currencies available for initiating single or periodic payments are: RON, USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, CAD, DKK, HUF, JPY, NOK, SEK, PLN, BGN;
  • Transaction currency should be the same with the debtor account currency or with the creditor account currency, if the creditor account is within Raiffeisen Bank; cross currency payments in RON are not accepted. 
  • Single payments can be instructed as immediate or future dated. Execution date in the past is not allowed. Future dated payments that involves FX rate are not allowed;
  • Treasury payments (Budget payments): 
    • Creditor’s CNP/ CUI is mandatory if in creditorAccount field a Treasury IBAN (BIC code = TREZ) was instructed; Creditor’s CNP/ CUI will be instructed in RemittanceInformationUnstructured field using the following pattern: /creditor cnp or cui/payment details; 
      e.g.: /1000101419908/payment details
    • Payment evidence number (NEP code) field is treated as optional; NEP code size is 23 digits; NEP code must be instructed in RemittanceInformationUnstructured field using the following pattern: /creditor cnp or cui/NEP code/payment details;
      e.g.: /1000101419908/20100010000240719000027/payment details;
      If you don’t want to instruct NEP code RemittanceInformationUnstructured field must have the following pattern: /creditor cnp or cui/payment details;
    • Can be instructed only in RON currency.
  • Debtor account should be in IBAN format;
  • Creditor account should be in IBAN format; otherwise, if non-IBAN format is used then Creditor agent is mandatory and should contain BIC (8 or 11 char). For Raiffeisen Bank Romania accounts only IBAN format is  accepted.
  • Validation for PSU-ID and PSU-Corporate-ID fields: one ID has to be filled in, either PSU-ID or PSU-Corporate-ID.
  • The following character set is accepted:

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

/ - ? : ( ) . , ' +


In case of special characters instructed the payment will be rejected.

  • Remittance Information: for domestic payment field length must be up to 70 characters; for SEPA payments and cross border payments field length must be up to 105 characters.
  • Header TPP-Redirect-URI is mandatory to be instructed when initiating a payment. It is used to redirect the PSU to TPP after the SCA flow is completed.

Additional validations performed for periodic payments: 

  • Periodic payments can be instructed with startDate immediate or future date.Start date in the past is not allowed. Periodic payments that involves FX rate are not allowed;
  • Account balance is checked when payment is executed. If there is not enough available balance:
  1. if transaction currency = RON there will be no reprocessing, current transaction is rejected;
  2. if transaction currency <> RON reprocessing is possible, transaction is kept in an intermediate status; if customer will transfer enough money into his account, at payment execution date, the transaction will be processed.
  • Unprocessed transactions within a periodic payment are not displayed in transaction history;
  • Field executionRule: no value shall be instructed in this field; otherwise the payment will be rejected.
  • Field endDate: if received empty it will be prefilled with maximum endDate accepted = 10 years from payment initiation date; the calculated value of endDate field will be displayed in transaction details screen.


Payment Limits

Initiated payment processing is limited by transaction limit and daily limits the same as in Internet Banking.

Payment fees

Payments initiated through Third Party Providers are charged by Raiffeisen Bank to clients the same as the payments initiated via internet banking.